Home UPS

Introducing the Nippo Home UPS – a fully automatic inverter that instantly switches on when the main power supply is switched off. This Nippo Home UPS ensures that your power supply remains uninterrupted so power cuts will never inconvenience you again.

Also presenting the next generation Nippo Tall Tubular Batteries, specially designed for Home UPS and Inverter Solutions. These batteries have enhanced design features, which provide higher performance and reliability, and are better suited to Indian conditions. In addition, they feature improved aesthetics, strong and sturdies packaging and revolutionary technology that will help withstand long and frequent power cuts.

By using the energy efficient combined solution of Nippo Home UPS and Nippo Tall Tubular batteries, you are guaranteed the total safety of your appliances and longer battery life. Both these products, brought to you by the leading battery manufacturer in India for the last 40 years, come with an unmatched pan India service network, guaranteeing you great maintenance services.

820 VA

820VA / 12V

Home UPS - 820VA / 12V


1420VA / 24V

Home UPS - 1420VA / 24V


675VA / 12V

Home UPS - 675VA / 12V

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