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Introducing the Nippo Home UPS – a fully automatic inverter that instantly switches on when the main power supply is switched off. This Nippo Home UPS ensures that your power supply remains uninterrupted so power cuts will never inconvenience you again.

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Built To Last:

With superior design and micro digital feedback technology, Nippo home UPS is built to last and will work hard and long.

Charging Modes:

Normal and quick charge mode ideal for frequent power cuts. It saves electricity while charging.

Pure Sine Wave Home UPS (820 & 1420 VA):

Grid quality power suitable for all your electrical appliances.

Efficient Battery Charging:

SMPS based, two stage intelligent battery charging, increases battery life. Longer backup for long power cuts.

Micro Digital Feedback Technology:

Suitable to operate computer and other gadgets simultaneously.


Over load, short circuit, battery overcharge and deep discharge protection.

Any battery Option:

Suitable for branded, sealed maintenance free, tubular, flat plate or local battery. Provides battery equalizing.

Auto Over Load Resetting:

Shuts down automatically due to over load.

Wide Input Voltage Range:

Operates on wide input voltage range of 100V to 290V.

Regulated Output:

Has regulated output voltage and frequency, with controlled frequency of 50HZ. Our home UPS regulates voltage and maintains it at a specific level, both when the battery is fully charged and when the battery voltage starts decreasing. Nippo 1420VA Home UPS is designed to provide maximum performance when used with 2X150AH batteries, for extra load. Nippo Home UPS range is designed to be used with Nippo 150 AH battery for the best performance


Load Chart  
Recommended Option 1 Option 2
Tube Light 3 2
Fan 3 2
Television 1 0
CFL 2 4
PC 1  
Mixie   1
Full Load 2 hrs 2 hrs
Half Load 4 hrs 4 hrs


Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Battery 2 Battery System
Efficiency > 90% on battery mode
Input Voltage - UPS mode 170V to 260V
Input Voltage - Inverter mode 100V to 290V
Input Frequency As per grid supply
Input Charger Technology Boost MOSFET based
Overload Capacity > 110%
Power Factor 0.8 unity lag load
Output Voltage 220 V single phase, at 50Hz frequency
Battery Charging Methodology Constant current followed by constant voltage
Noraml Battery Charging Mode 7 ± 1A
Quick Battery Charging Mode 11 ± 1A
Operating Environment 0-55°C
Audible Alarm Battery low, overload and short-circuit
LED Indication Battery low, mains ON, battery charging, overload, battery ON,HUPS mode, inverter mode
Protections Over load, overcharge, short circuit, battery reverse polarity and battery deep discharge
Humidity 5 to 95% non condensed

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